My first blog entry, ever 

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Well, here it goes.  It looks pretty easy.  I can save as draft or publish this.  There is publish, save as draft, category dropdown which must be published.  There is also formatting tools.  Nice.


There are some blog entries on how to blog.  One is from 2004 on how to blog in SharePoint 2003.  Poor bastards.  This one's first post looks perfect:


So here are some topics.  Maybe I should make a couple different blogs.


  1. Technology
    1. SharePoint
      1. DFWP
      2. DVWP
      3. Masterpages
      4. FBA
      5. SQL user login (instead of windows)
      6. Workflow
    2. Virtual machines
      1. Server
      2. Converter
  2. Family
    1. Buying a house
    2. Being a dad
  3. Recreation
    1. Soccer
    2. Poker
    3. Bicycling
    4. Crossword puzzles

So is it wrong to post more than one entry in a day?

Here is an edit from Word.



Posted by AndyGett on 1-Jul-08
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