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I have tweaked a quick backup method over several development projects. This is the current iteration, and works well for my needs in both WSS and MOSS:

@set spSite=http://wss01

@set spPort=7022

@set FileNamePrefix=GFam

@set targetPath=C:\Projects\GFam\Backup

@set targetPath2=\\tsclient\C\Dox\Dev\GFam\Backup


@set MONTH=%DATE:~4,2%

@set DAY=%DATE:~7,2%

@set YEAR=%DATE:~12,2%


@set FileName=%targetPath%%FileNamePrefix%%spPort%_%YEAR%%MONTH%%DAY%.bak

@set spURL=%spSite%:%spPort%



cd "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN"

Stsadm -o backup -url %spURL% -filename %FileName% -overwrite

@if "%targetPath2%"=="" goto finish


copy %FileName% %targetPath2%





This creates a file named something like GFam7022_080718.bak, based on the parameters at the top and the current date. The params are

  1. spSite – This is the domain of the SharePoint site
  2. spPort – This is the port. If the URL does not need a port number, use 80 here.
  3. FileNamePrefix [optional] – A prefix can be a handy way quickly identifying the source site when browsing backup files.
  4. targetPath – This is where the file is backed up to. It needs a closing backslash "\"
  5. targetPath2 [optional] – I am nearly always RDP'ed into a server for development, and sometimes I find it useful to copy the backup file to my local machine. This could also be a file share or whatever.

To restore, use command line stsadm from in the 12-hive, e.g.,

Stsadm -o restore -url -filename C:\backups\GFam7022_080718.bak –overwrite

Possible improvements

  1. Instead of copying to targetPath2, set up a command-line FTP. I currently FTP the backup to the production server by hand, but pretty soon we'll go completely live on the server after. I wonder if it is possible to use \\tsclient\c\... to point back to the local machine for an input file to keep the login off the server, e.g.,
    ftp -s://tsclient/c/dox/
  2. Currently, I just create a new batch file for each new project. I suppose I could parameterize it, and call a single instance of this batch file from another batch file, something like
    call spBackup http://wss01 7022 GFam ...
  3. Omit the "http://" from spSite, and default FileNamePrefix to its value.
Posted by AndyGett on 18-Jul-08
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