SharePoint 2013 First Look 

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On the eve of the SharePoint 2012 conference, I am dusting off notes compiled last spring for then "SharePoint 15"under NDA which was lifted weeks ago. It is likely that others have already posted all this, but here are my 2 cents. Also, these are notes from when the software was half-baked in Beta 1 mostly, and some of it may not still be accurate.

What's Different

Search Result Templates

  • No more XSL
  • Use HTML instead.
  • Can use Javascript Variables in side HTML templates
  • Can use Javascriptot access the ctx object (_spPageContextInfo), then create custom content
  • Can specify hover template


  • New engine, but there is an interop bridge for old workflows
  • All custom code via custom activities, no direct custom code.

What's New

  • Translator service which uses an engine in the cloud to translate content from one spoken language to another. It is not ideal and probably not something you want to base your marketing material on, but could be handy in some situations.

Pain Points

These are issues that existing SharePoint users may need to address for migration or side-by-side existence.

  • FAST is no longer supported Search engine.
  • Office Web Apps (OWA) requires separate server from SP WFE. In the past, one could use a single-server farm which is great for development boxes. But now if you want to work with OWA, that service requires its own service. The upside is that OWA is integrated with other Microsoft technologies beyond SharePoint.
  • Silverlight is deprecated.
  • Apps require wildcard DNS entry. I must say the whole Apps thing sounded brilliant at first, but the limitations and the configuration that must be done to make Apps work removes a lot of the luster.
  • Classic authentication is deprecated.
Posted by AndyGett on 11-Nov-12
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