Hiding a List Item from Anonymous Users

Karen asked that I remove one of the links from the gift registry on the internet WSS family site. Instead of removing it, I decided to hide it from anonymous users. Note that during this process, we are warned that "You are about to create u ...[Read More]
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Date Formulas in SharePoint Calculated Fields

Microsoft provides a nice compilation of Examples of common formulas, but it does not work as advertised with WSS. I have not tried it in MOSS. Let's say there is a date column named ExpirationDate and an integer named NotificationMonths which rep ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Object Names – No Spaces

I have always avoided using spaces in object names, even in my file names and directory names. This stems from a programmer's background and a general dislike of seeing things like http://somedomain.com/home%20page.htm. It also makes DOS commands ...[Read More]
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Anonymous Access for the Family Site

My goal is to extend my main production site from an unconventional port (i.e., not 80) to a site in the cloud with host headers on port 80 where I'll allow anonymous access. I may allow (or require) FBA access on port 80 at some point, and past e ...[Read More]
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Family Site

I have seen many family sites, and many sites using WSS and several that use this mix. My plan is to make ours blog-driven, but that may prove over-ambitious. At least we'll be able to put up photos. I like Matthew McDermott's series of posts for ...[Read More]
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