Web.config Changes for Debugging ASPX Page’s Codebehind in SharePoint

Instead of getting the "user-friendly", but frustrating-to-a-developer message "An error has occurred", use these two steps to receive the actual error when developing in SharePoint. Works for both MOSS and WSS. Show the ca ...[Read More]
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Stsadm Restore Successful with Multiple SharePoint Sites on Same Port

I read someplace that some people do not recommend putting SharePoint multiples web applications onto the same port, e.g., the traditional http: port 80. Here's some history. My original plan was to host my WSS internet web applications on a cus ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Backup Batch File

I have tweaked a quick backup method over several development projects. This is the current iteration, and works well for my needs in both WSS and MOSS: @set spSite=http://wss01 @set spPort=7022 @set FileNamePrefix=GFam @set targetPath=C:\ ...[Read More]
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WSS Pre-install Checklist

Well, I got the family site up and running today on the internet, but it was not without incident. This was my first WSS install against SQL Server Express on the same machine. I had gone against SQL Server on the same machine as IIS before, but i ...[Read More]
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VMWare all the way

New Laptop, lots of horsepower I bought a new laptop, but it's got about as much horsepower as my web server from 7 years ago. Old Server Dell Precision M4300 (laptop) 1 GB RAM 4 GB RAM Win 2k Server XP Pro ...[Read More]
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